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Book Club

We are happy to invite our students and everyone interested to take part in Book Club Meetings!

The classes are designed for students of two levels:

  • B1/B1+
    Intermediate and Pre-intermediate
  • B2/C1
    Advanced and Upper-intermediate

Discussions organized in these classes will allow you to see a book through another reader’s eyes, consider other participants’ views, help others get to the bottom of ideas in a book, and work in a group to complete assigned tasks. There will be plenty of listening, learning, sharing and fun!

Thanks to these classes you will read new books, work on you English skills and get more encouraged to read the original versions of books.

What do the classes include?

learning new words, collocations, idioms, phrases, favourite quotes
having your say on what has been read
discussion: what you liked / didn’t like about a book
identifying the message, the subject and the issues dealt with in a book
tea, coffee and meaningful leisure time

Fee: UAH 200 for everyone interested free for our students

Saturday, June 23

Yaroslaviv Val 13/2b

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