Cambridge English tests

Our main partner — the official testing Center of Cambridge tests (Cambridge English) — offers an opportunity of group registration for the test to our students. Thus, our Center has a unique opportunity to conduct its own test sessions on the territory of the authorized partner — University of Cambridge English Examinations.

The Examination Department of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge English) represents the largest range of language examinations in the world.

Today, about 2,700 authorized test Center s operate under the Cambridge English program. Each testing Center operation is closely monitored for compliance with international quality standards.

Cambridge English exams range includes all levels of English, from Beginner (A1) to Proficiency (C2). These levels are represented by the KET, PET, FCE, CAE CPE, BEC, YLE exams.


Tuition fee for exams at the test Center (LLC Grade Education Center, license UA007, Open Center)


KET / KET for schools — UAH 2100.
PET / PET for schools — UAH 2150.
FCE / FCE for schools — UAH 3150.
CAE — UAH 3450.
CPE — UAH 3650.

BEC preliminary — UAH 2200.
BEC vantage — UAH 3150.
BEC higher — UAH 3450.


We carry out paper-based testing in all our partner Centers across Ukraine.

YLE starters — UAH 1400.
YLE movers — UAH 1450.
YLE flyers — UAH 1550.
TKT — UAH 1600.

KET / KET for schools — UAH 2150.
PET / PET for schools — UAH 2200.
FCE / FCE for schools — UAH 3200.
CAE — UAH 3550.
CPE — UAH 3750.

BEC preliminary — UAH 2300.
BEC vantage — UAH 3250.
BEC higher — UAH 3550.

Key English Test (KET) — А2

KET confirms communication skills at the basic level. KET exam is a good first step; A2 level will help you gain confidence in your English and measure your own progress.

With this test you get an estimate of your everyday English vocabulary and four skills — reading, writing, listening and speaking. The KET results are used to measure the level of English practical skills, which will be useful during traveling, working and studying.

Preliminary English Test (PET) — B1*

PЕТ is the second level exam of the Cambridge ENGLISH range, which corresponds to the Intermediate level or B1 according to the CEFR scale.

*This test is also available in the version for schools, namely for school kids.

With this test you get an estimate of your everyday English vocabulary and four skills — reading, writing, listening and speaking. It measures the level of practical skills that will be useful in situations that require direct contact with native English speakers.

First Certificate in English (FCE) — B2**

FCE corresponds to the Upper-Intermediate level or B2 according to the CEFR scale.

** This test is also available in the version for schools, namely for school kids.

This means that upon successful completion of the exam your language skills will be sufficient for practical use in various professional activities, correspondence, telephone conversations and understanding of non-academic texts.

Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) — C1

In the CEFR system, this test corresponds to C1 level (professional language proficiency). This means that if you successfully pass the CAE test, you will be able to use your knowledge of English both in professional and social life, and when receiving your higher education.

Only those who have mastered English well enough to use it in everyday life, including work and study may pass the CAE test.

Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) — C2

CРЕ is the most difficult exam in the Cambridge ENGLISH system. It corresponds to the highest level of English proficiency (C2).

Upon successful examination you will be able to use the language at the highest level of communication in the academic and professional environment.

Business English Certificate (BEC) — B1, B2, C1

BEC is an exam in business English. There are three versions of this exam depending on the level — Preliminary (B1, Intermediate), Vantage (B2, Upper-Intermediate), Higher (C1, Advanced).

Upon successful examination in business English, you will receive a certificate, which will help you to get a job abroad, or prove the level of your Business English vocabulary to your employer in Ukraine.

TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) — B1-C2

TKT Exam (Modules 1, 2, 3, Young Learners) allows you to get an international Cambridge Certificate testifying the high professional knowledge and skills of English teachers.

With this certificate, you can easily get a job as an English teacher, not only in schools and private companies in Ukraine, but also in educational institutions around the world.

Our Cambridge English test Center is located in a comfortable office in the Center of Kyiv. The Center is testing more than 1000 people a year. For more detailed information about the test Center , schedule of examinations, as well as additional information regarding the exam please visit the official website of the test Center www.grade.ua/Esol or call us 044 364 06 25.