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Grammar Clubs

We invite everyone to take part in our new direction – Grammar Clubs – fun and interactive classes in grammar. The classes will cover the most common topics that most often arise in language learning, such as:

  • Conditionals
  • Articles and determiners
  • Past Simple vs Present Perfect
  • Modal verbs
  • Various types of clauses
  • Emphasis: inversion, cleft sentences etc.
  • Different types of questions
  • Reported Speech
  • Comparative structures etc.

The course will help

to turn theory into real language skills;
to recover forgotten or half-taught material;
to bring the use of grammar to automatism.

Students take an active part
in choosing topics for upcoming classes

Classes are suitable not only for students of the Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels, but also for Upper Intermediate and even Advanced levels, if there is a desire to fill some gapes in grammar and bring the use of grammatical structures to automatism.

We will conduct these classes every Saturday.


will help you to deal with the most complex rules and their implementation in practice. We will repeat Grammar Clubs topics at students’ request for several classes in a row, so that everyone can participate.

The participation fee is UAH 200* per 90 minutes.

*Grade Education Center students — for free!

Saturday, May 26

13/2-B, Yaroslaviv Val street