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Speaking Clubs

Speaking is the next skill which should be mastered following the reading and listening skills. English is a universal language of international communication, so in order to speak with a representative of almost any nation or general business issues, speaking skills and interactive communication should be developed at a sufficient level.

Tuition fee (participation) – 200 * (a lesson lasts for 90 minutes)

*for students of the First Cambridge Education Center and Grade Education Center – free of charge.

Saturday, June 23, Sunday, June 24

First Cambridge Education Center: 13/2-B, Yaroslaviv Val street

  • 13:00 – 14:30 (24.06.2018)

  • adults+teens B2/C1
    Pinchuk Olena
  • 14:45 – 16:45 (24.06.2018)

  • adults+teens B1/B1+
    Pinchuk Olena

To learn to speak English, it is just enough to immerse in the environment. Vocabulary of the native language is vast mainly due to being in an environment where everyone speaks the same language. To speak English, you do not need to specifically go to an English-speaking country. There are cases where this method is completely ineffective. This is due to the fact that people often do not focus on the goal of “conversation”, and meeting abroad their compatriots, opt for a comfortable communication in their native language, thus eliminating the time of immersion, for the sake of which they came to another country.

There are several effective ways to immerse in an English-speaking environment of communication:

Make friends with native speakers;

Attend the regular English language courses;

To get a job in a foreign company;

Attend conversation clubs.

All these methods have undeniable advantages as well as disadvantages. For example, with native speakers you can gain experience of life communication, but cannot expect regular “lessons” and learning academic vocabulary. The regular English language courses are always helpful, but not always possible for people with a busy schedule or busy social life. Moreover, when attending courses you will learn English, and attention will be paid to all, without exception, skills, which can be not pass to those ,whose English is already perfect and only conversational skills lack.

Employment in foreign companies can be a great option, but, firstly, this kind of work still needs to be found, and secondly, no one can know what skills will eventually be used most of all: it is likely that it may require more written communication within the corporation. Visiting speaking clubs in this regard would probably be the most optimal variant.

Advantages of Speaking Clubs:

— Classes are held on a regular basis (every week) at certain times/on certain days specified in advance, but not as often as English courses (three times a week). Visiting Speaking Club reduces to discipline, but is not tiresome!

— Minimum time for preparation makes such speaking clubs especially attractive; the topic is prepared by the teacher, so the process will be a pleasant surprise. No homework!

— Meeting new people creates the right atmosphere for a dialogue — freedom and unpredictability. They offer new opinions and new friends who are united by one purpose, which is to practice spoken English.

— The fee is low, usually from 0 (for regular customers) to 200 (for beginners). This is affordable, and the result is excellent!

The First Cambridge Education Center is ready to add to these benefits:

— Comfortable environment* – cozy office in the Center of the city near the metro station;

— Classes in the evening, usually on Fridays, which is suitable for those who attending the Speaking Club wants to finish the work week in a relaxed manner, and for those whose Friday evening just begins with our speaking lessons;

— Experienced professionals (including native speakers) with both standard (higher education, teaching experience) and international (CELTA, TEFL, TESOL) qualifications, allowing to teach English around the world. It is not only fun with our professionals – you can trust us!

Tea, coffee, cookies, free Wi-Fi
are not separately listed as benefits.
In our company, it goes without saying!