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Наш менеджер свяжется с вами в ближайшее время.

Hakan Senelt

Hakan Senelt

Teacher: General English


  • University of Maryland Baltimore County (Bachelor degree in Financial Economics)

Сертификаты и квалификации

  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • Active participant of teacher training workshops, webinars and conferences

Статьи, которые написала Hakan Senelt


  1. Luyiza says: 15.02.2020

    I finished B1+ part 2 a couple weeks ago.
    And it was such a great experience for me. Hakan is a very professional and kind person. All his lessons was very fun and easy to understand. And after them I was in a really great mood.
    The best part is that my listening skills was improved a lot because he speaks like those guys from American serials. But, don’t be afraid, I got used to it after a couple lessons. And now I even start understanding the English songs in the shops😁.
    Ps. The last lesson was especially funny and interesting, because we were playing in taboo😅

  2. Yelyzaveta says: 30.01.2020

    I go along with Stanislav that Hakan is a very good-natured and open-minded person. Thanks to this, learning English turns into a superb pastime.
    And of course, Hakan has his own secret training technique………….;)
    As a result, I am satisfied with the course and continue a new level with Hakan, which I advise you.
    Grateful to my group as well. And I’m reminded of it every day, all the time.

  3. Yuliia S. says: 29.01.2020

    Hakan is a wonderful, professional teacher. Lessons are held in a working and at the same time friendly atmosphere. When my son asked me to recommend an English teacher, Hakan was the first person I thought of. He’s the best.

  4. Stanislav says: 28.01.2020

    If you really want to be a part of a great collective, where you will feel free and relaxed, you should choose Hakan’s group! He is a cheerful and witty person, and, as a teacher, he does his work magnificently.
    I am satisfied of having been under his mentoring. Of course, after my 4.5 months course, I recommend you to choose Hakan as your teacher throughout your study here.

  5. Vladyslav says: 25.08.2019

    I have been studying English for a long time and try to use every opportunity for developing. I wanted to improve my writing skills and the school proposed me Hakan as a teacher. I can summarize all my work with him in one word: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! He knows a lot of specific details about English, which I have never heard before. It is visible that he is not an ordinary teacher doing his work. I think that he makes even researches because he explains the things that you will never find in books. The atmosphere of the lessons is friendly and and funny. «Ask me everything you want even if it is simple, we are here for studying», he told me at the beginning. He is a friend-teacher. I am very happy about my results after this course. I highly recommend you to choose Hakan and open English from another side!

  6. Valeriy says: 24.08.2019

    I`d been studying English with Hakan during 2,5 monthes (B2.2). Hakan showed himself as very talented teacher, he focuced on all aspects of the language and has taught us many new themes and topics. He made for us lovely athmosphere and gave us FUN! I`ve improved my results and general skills in English. Thanks to Hakan.

  7. Vasyl says: 13.08.2019

    I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done throughout this course.
    Hakan is the best English teatcher that I’ve ever met and he really enjoys being a teacher. The lessons were well-organazed, structured and interesting (his jokes were always very funny). Also, Hakan can find personal approach to every student and explains difficult grammatical structures with excellent examples. Even if you don’t understand something Hakan will have been explaining it by the moment you understand a topic.
    I highly recommend attending Hakan’s lessons.

  8. Juliia says: 22.06.2019

    Hakan is the best Englsh teacher. He likes what he do and the students have an interesting, useful and cheerful lessons. The students never bored on his class and really improved their English. I am very grateful for the knowledge acquired to Hakan and use it in my job. I recommend First Cambridge Education Centre and and particularly Hakan as a good teacher.

  9. Alexander says: 21.06.2019

    I had been studying English with Hakan Senelt from September to June. (B1+ and B2.1) It was the first experience studying English properly and correctly. The things I liked the most about his teaching are the following:
    Firstly, Hakan doesn’t focus only on grammar. Other topics were pronunciation, listening comprehension and use English in a real situation.
    Secondly, he teaches English with humor and a lovely atmosphere. You can sometimes forget that you came to study the language.
    In addition, I would like to thank Hakan for a result. I have improved in leaps and bounds.

  10. Anton says: 21.06.2019

    Hakan is an awesome teacher, he is a good professional and knows how to explain anything to the audience and to find the clue to each student. Lessons were very exciting and with a lot of laughs. I highly recommend attending his lectures, and you will never regret it. Studying with him definitely will help you to upgrade your English with new grammar structures, words and to become more fluent in the language. Thanks for the great time we spent together.

  11. Olga says: 21.06.2019

    Hakan Senelt is very professional and well-qualified teacher of English. During B2.2 course in Hakan’s group my English has improved, including grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency. I am very grateful for the result.

    Hakan communicates to students in a way to make the group feel relaxed, confident and motivated to speak fluently. He teaches language with love and humor, pays attention to each student and praises everyone for correct answers. Hakan conducts his lessons with interesting tasks and games so students never get bored but time passes with laugh.

  12. Lesha says: 20.06.2019

    The best teacher I have ever seen!

  13. Iryna says: 19.06.2019

    I would highly recommend Hakan Senelt as an English teacher! He always smiles and can explain everything till the moment you get it! He is kind, smart and a skillful teacher. He really loves his job and he can translate it in the way he teaches. Thanks for your friendly patience and lots of other stuff!

  14. Hanna says: 9.02.2019

    I had English lessons with Hakan Senelt from September to January 2019 in the group B1+2.
    To be honest, Hakan is the best teacher. He is very positive, cheerful and helpful person. The lessons are always planned very well. The new material was explained very clearly by him. Hakan is attentive to each student. Each lesson was very interesting. We did many tasks not only in the main Students’ book, but also used a lot of additional material.
    I did not miss any lesson and I could pick up my English. I am very grateful to Hakan for this result.

  15. Vlad says: 7.02.2019

    Hakan is the best teacher I’ve ever had. All our lessons were informative and interesting. I’m grateful to him!

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