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Илона Повх

Илона Повх

Teacher: General & Business English, Speaking Clubs, Movie Clubs


  • Житомирский государственный университет имени И.Я. Франко (Магистр филологии: английский язык, немецкий язык)


  1. Oleksiy says: 8.12.2019

    The Lesson about the brands was interesting with a lot of discussions, but I expected more accuracy from Ilona.

    We had a dispute about Gucci: niche vs. mass market:
    For this purpose, I will quote BOF «internet had turned niche interests into mass-market trends with much shorter lifespans.»
    Delivering the correct pronunciation of Brand names is a must for a teacher:
    Mercedes — I have found no evidence that stress can be on the third syllable
    Nivea — the vowel in the second syllable is (ia) not (ea).
    Have a nice day.

  2. Малета Александра says: 16.10.2018

    Thanks for participating to Gramma Club. It was amazing time. Also thanks to a teacher Ilona, she is pretty nice;)) it was my first time in school, I got really practical knowledge.

  3. Iryna Yevsieieva, level C1 says: 27.02.2018

    Grammar Class (24.02 with Ilona) was interesting and useful for me. It was an excellent combination of tasks. Explanation of grammar was in a clear way. It was good for C1 level, including variety of tasks. Thanks a lot Ilona!

  4. Оксана Кухоцкая says: 26.02.2018

    Ilona Povh is a very attentive teacher. She explained the new material very well. The lesson was informative and instructive. Thank you!

  5. Kyrylo Kuznetsov says: 30.01.2018

    I would like to give a little feedback on 27th of January speaking club.
    It was completely amazing, the mentor was unforgettable. She gave a lot of idioms and useful phrases to us. Also we had had a business case at the end of the club and then presented it to the audience.
    This club was full of fun and extremely useful at the same time. My estimate 10/10.

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