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Владимир Синевич

Владимир Синевич

Teacher: General English


  • Факультет лингвистики Национального технического университета Украины "Киевский политехнический институт имени Игоря Сикорского", магистр филологии: перевод (английский, немецкий)

Сертификаты и награды

  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test, modules 1 and 2)
  • C1 Advanced (CAE)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • Active participant of teacher training workshops, webinars and conferences


  1. Pavlo Slisar says: 30.07.2020

    I have finished course by B1 level in June of this year! Volodymyr is a great teacher and professional in his field! He use interesting methods and techniques during lessons. He always prepare many materials, copies, tasks for the lesson, which are not include in the textbook. It’s a pity that Volodymyr won’t be a teacher for the my next course. I want to say «Thanks» Volodymyr and wish all the best.

  2. Микола says: 18.06.2020

    Recently I have finished B1 English course in Grade Education Center. I strongly recommend teacher and mentor Vladimir Sinevich, who is really professional, fun and extremely patient))

  3. Yana says: 17.06.2020

    Volodymyr is a great teacher his lessons are very interesting, he explains everything simply and clearly. Thank you for the wonderful lessons, my English is getting better.

  4. Mykola Melnyk says: 18.04.2020

    Dear team “First Cambridge Education Center”! I want to “Thank” our teacher Volodymyr Sinievich. He is demanding and attentive at the same time. It employs a variety of screening methods. I have improved my communications skills in English. I joned a big part of the wold in English. At work, I got a promotion and opportunity to take part in international conferences and congresses. Every day I watch the news on English channels, read the books and listen to music hits. This information will help me in my future journeys. So, learning English changed my way of life! Best wishes, stay all healthy, Mykola Melnyk

  5. Марта Вольвак says: 2.02.2020

    I’ve completed Intermediate B1 course with Volodymyr Sinevich and I’m studying B2 with him right now. Volodymyr is a wonderful teacher as well as a friendly person. He explains the topic in a simple words, so everyone is able to understand it. Any questions can be asked and discussed during a class. We use Google Classroom as way of distant communication with a teacher. Definitely, I improved my English in Grade and I would recommend Volodymyr Sinevich as a teacher.

  6. Людмила says: 29.01.2020

    Владимир — преподаватель, который заставляет думать, а не зубрить.Следит за прогрессом и дает рекомендации. Желаю ему дальнейших успехов и быть смелым и уверенным !!!

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