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Алена Филипенко

Алена Филипенко

Teacher: General English


  • Национальный педагогический университет им. М. П. Драгоманова, Магистр "Язык и литература (английский, французский)"

Сертификаты и награды

  • Сертификаты и квалификации:
  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • С1 Advanced (CAE)
  • Active participant of teacher training workshops, webinars and conferences

Статьи, которые написала Алена Филипенко


  1. Oleksandra says: 9.02.2021

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Alona for her time, energy and knowledge she has shared with us during our CAE Preparation online course (September 2020 – January 2021). We had an extremely strong group with a prevailing number of people who already had an impressively high level of English. Taking this into account, Alona managed to skilfully conduct each lesson and meet the requirements of demanding students, professionally overcoming all challenging questions that were arising during the group activities. I really admire Alona’s patience, professionalism, and client-oriented approach, as well as her friendly attitude and a good sense of humour. If you have decided to pass the CAE exam, don’t hesitate to choose Alona’s guidance for your exam preparation journey.

  2. Yarina says: 23.01.2021

    I do recommend Alona as a great teacher and a nice welcoming person with professional expertise! These aspects are perfectly combined in this mentor and you’ll be happy to work with her🙂 Thank you, Alona, for your patience and believing in each of us😘

  3. Піцик Ольга says: 23.01.2021

    Дуже добра,щира,завжди позитивна,завжди підтримує.Завдяки їй кожен зможе розкрити себе та вивчити англійську мову з шаленою швидкістю.Це найкращий вчитель з усіх кого я знаю.

  4. Галушко Людмила says: 13.06.2020

    My name is Haluchko Liudmyla. I’m a doctor. In June I finished B1+ course, at First Cambridge Education Centre, with Alona Filipenko.
    I’m very satisfied with this course and teacher. I’ve got a lot of positive communication with classmates and our mentor. My English skills developed and I fall in love with this language.
    I would like to say gratefulness to the First Cambridge Education Centre and especially to Alona Filipenko. I think I’ll continue to study B2 here.

  5. Inna Pirozhenko says: 15.04.2020

    Thank you very much to courses and to our teacher for interesting lessons and nice atmosphere. I like our group and unique Alona’s classes with funny films, romantic music, variety of tests and the proposed way to study English language even in conditions of distance learning.

  6. Белова Ольга says: 11.04.2020

    Отличная школа. Уроки проходят очень интересно. Алена Филипенко очень грамотно и доступно объясняет. Видно что человек подходит к преподаванию с душой. Для меня лично это очень важно. Чувствую себя комфортно на уроках и наблюдаю результаты совместных усилий. Это не первая моя английская школа. Но здесь мне действительно нравится. Буду продолжать свое обучение и идти к своей цели. Всем рекомендую.

  7. Inna says: 5.04.2020

    Alona is the best teacher I have ever met.

  8. Anna says: 5.04.2020

    I’m glad about the course and teacher is the best.

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