19 полезных словосочетаний, которые сделают ваш разговорный английский ярче

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1. do’s and don’ts — (things that you) should and shouldn’t do — то, что можно делать и нельзя

— There are some basic do’s and don’ts when taking a good photo.

2. off and on — (for short periods of time but) not regularly — время от времени

I’ve worked in the film business off and on for most of my life.

3. peace and quiet — freedom from disturbance — тишина и покой

— I hate having music on in the background. I prefer some peace and quiet. 

4. leaps and bounds — by very large degrees or rapidly — семимильными шагами

— Any skill such as playing the piano improves in leaps and bounds if you practise enough.

5. pros and cons — advantages and disadvantages — плюсы и минусы

— There are pros and cons to listening to live recording as opposed to a studio album.


6. on and on — (for a long time) without stopping — снова и снова

— I don’t like jazz. Some of the pieces go on and on for far too long.

7. (do sth) in a rough and ready way — quickly (and without preparing it carefully) — сделан кое-как, на скорую руку, наспех

— Some of the music videos made by ordinary people on YouTube are bit rough and ready but that’s OK.

8. (every) now and then — sometimes (occasionally) — иногда

— I used to go to rock concerts a lot but nowadays I only go now and then.

9. sick and tired — discouraged (or bored) — уставший от чего надоедливого

— I’m sick and tired of having to listen to people’s favorite music on the train. I wish they’d turn their MP3 players down.

10. through and through — thoroughly (completely) — полностью

— I’m a reggae fan through and through.

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11. ups and downs — (the mixture of) good and bad things (that happen) — взлеты и падения

— Every relationship has its ups and downs so it’s not surprising that most bands break up after a few years.

12. give and take — to compromise (negotiate, bargain; lively two-way discussion, the exchange of ideas or conversation) — идти на компромисс

— You have to have a bit of give and take.

13. sooner or later — eventually — рано или поздно, в конце концов

— It’s only a question of time, and sooner or later you’ll find a new job.

14. take it or leave it — the offer won’t change — бескомпромиссно

— That’s the highest salary we can pay to you. We can’t go highest, so take it or leave it.

15. sink or swim — fail or succeed — либо пан, либо пропал

— You’ve finished the training, and now you have to go out and do the job. It’s sink or swim.


16. all or nothing — risking everything — все или ничего

— It was all or nothing — she either had to get in the car with him or lose him forever.

17. life or death — extremely important — вопрос жизни и смерти

— This is the biggest choice of my life — it’s a life or death decision.

18. hit or miss — unplanned/disorganised — сделано кое-как, наугад; что будет то и будет

— Mark took a hit or miss approach to finding a girlfriend. He simply asked every girl he saw out on a date.

19. one way or another — somehow — так или иначе

— I know we’re lost, but one way or another we’ll find our way back.

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