100 английских фразовых глаголов, которые должен знать каждый

английские фразовые глаголы

Без фразовых глаголов в изучении английского никак не обойтись. Ведь в зависимости от предлога, который следует за глаголом, его значение может совершенно измениться. И угадать, что именно значит фразовый глагол, иногда может быть совершенно невозможно. Например, take – брать, take off – взлетать. Поэтому единственный выход — это взять и выучить их.

Мы подготовили для вас 100 распространенных фразовых глаголов. Проверьте себя, знаете ли вы все из этого списка? Или вас ожидают открытия?

1. Act on – действовать согласно

  • Police say they acted on information

2. Act out – разыгрывать, изображать

  • The children were acting out the story of the birth of Jesus.

3. Act up – барахлить; проказничать

  • My car always acts up in cold weather.

4. Agree with – подходить

  • Green peppers don’t agree with me.

5. Aim at – нацелить(ся)

  • The new budget aims at providing extra support for the unemployed.

6. Answer back – огрызаться, возражать

  • The child’s refusal to comply may not seem as bad as the child’s habit of answering back.

7. Ask around – расспрашивать

  • If you ask around I’m sure someone there can give you directions to the museum.

8. Ask in – приглашать к себе

  • I’d ask you in for a coffee but I have to get up early for work in the morning.

9. Ask out – приглашать на свидание

  • She’s asked Steve out to the cinema this evening.

10. Back away – отступать, пятиться

  • She saw that he had a gun and backed away.

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английские фразовые глаголы

11. Back down – пойти на попятную

  • Eventually, Roberto backed down and apologized.

12. Back off – пятиться; перестать вмешиваться

  • Back off, Marc! Let me run my own life!

13. Back out – отказаться, нарушить договоренность

  • After you’ve signed the contract, it will be impossible to back out.

14. Back up – поддержать, подкрепить

  • These theories have not been backed up by research.

15. Bargain down – сбить цену

  • Can you believe I bargained that guy down to $30 for the dresser?

16. Be after – искать, пытаться получить

  • What sort of answers are you after?

17. Be along – приезжать

  • Another bus should be along in a minute.

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18. Be away – отсутствовать, уезжать

  • Ms Watson is away on holiday until the end of the week.

19. Be cut out for – быть предрасположенным к, созданным для

  • Dad says I’m not cut out for the military, but I think I can thrive in that environment.

20. Be cut up – быть опечаленным

  • He was very cut up about Stephen dying.

21. Be down – чувствовать себя подавленным

  • I got some bad news this morning, so I’m a bit down at the moment.

22. Be fed up – быть сытым по горло

  • Residents are fed up with the disturbance caused by the nightclub.

23. Be taken with – считать что-то привлекательным

  • I’m quite taken by the idea of Christmas in Berlin.

24. Be up – не спать

  • Are the kids still up?

25. Bear with – терпеть

  • It’s boring, but please bear with it.

английские фразовые глаголы

26. Beat out – переиграть

  • Lockheed beat out a rival company to win the contract.

27. Beat up – избить

  • Carl got beaten up outside a nightclub on Saturday night.

28. Belong with – иметь отношение к, подходить, быть вместе с

  • This case belongs with that camera.

29. Bend down – наклониться

  • I bent down and picked up the coins lying on the road.

30. Big up – превозносить

  • He’s always on TV bigging up his new band.

31. Black out – потерять сознание

  • I blacked out right after the accident.

32. Blast off – стартовать (о космическом корабле или ракете)

  • The rocket blasted off successfully and is now headed for the moon.

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33. Blow away – впечатлить

  • I was blown away by how good that movie was!

34. Blow down – сдуть (о ветре)

  • That wind today blew down all of the clothes I’d hung on the clothesline.

35. Blow up – взрывать(ся)

  • Rebels attempted to blow up the bridge.

36. Boil up – закипать

  • He could feel the anger boiling up inside him.

37. Bone up on – зубрить

  • I have to bone up on the state driving laws because I have to take my driving test tomorrow.

38. Call up – звонить

  • Please call up your mother once in a while.

39. Calm down – успокоиться, успокоить

  • She sat down and took a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

40. Carried away – увлеченный, в азарте

  • It’s easy to get carried away when you can do so much with the graphics software.

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английские фразовые глаголы

41. Carry off – победить, выиграть

  • Everyone was shocked when that little-known band carried off the night’s biggest award.

42. Carry on – продолжать

  • You’ll have an accident if you carry on driving like that.

43. Decide upon – принять решение в пользу

  • Have you decided upon a date for the wedding?

44. Feed on – кормиться

  • Owls feed on mice and other small animals.

45. Feel up to – чувствовать себя в состоянии сделать что-то

  • While I was sick, I didn’t feel up to doing much besides napping and watching TV.

46. Give up – бросить

  • She gave up her job and started writing poetry.

47. Hold off – сдерживать, держать на расстоянии

  • We held off the reporters as long as we could.

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48. Hold on – подождать

  • Hold on a minute! Isn’t that your brother’s car over there?

49. Jam on – надавить

  • Most people naively imagine they will stop immediately when they jam on the brakes.

50. Jaw away – разглагольствовать

  • I became so bored while the professor jawed away at us that I nearly fell asleep in the middle of the lecture.

51. Jazz up – сделать более привлекательным

  • Jazz up your everyday meals with our new range of seasonings.

52. Keep around – держать поблизости

  • He doesn’t work very hard, but we keep him around anyway.

53. Keep at – добиваться, настойчиво пытаться

  • If you really want to become a comic book artist, you have to keep at it!

54. Keep away – держаться поодаль, не подходить

  • Kids, keep away from that beehive!

55. Keep back – держаться/держать на безопасном расстоянии

  • This area is too dangerous so keep the kids back.

английские фразовые глаголы

56. Key to – приспособить

  • The daycare hours are keyed to the needs of working parents.

57. Key up – разволновать

  • Travis was keyed up at the thought of seeing Rosie again.

58. Kick in – начать действовать

  • You’ll feel a lot better when the medication kicks in.

59. Kick out – выгнать

  • I just hope they don’t kick us out when they realize who we are.

60. Knock off – заканчивать что-то делать

  • Knock off shoveling snow now, and come in for a hot drink.

61. Lash down – привязать

  • They lashed the prisoner down to the table and began torturing him to extract information.

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62. Lash into – наброситься

  • The boss lashed into the intern for mixing up the documents for the year-end audit.

63. Lash out – вспылить, накинуться

  • She would suddenly lash out at other children.

64. Lay on – подготовить, организовать

  • They laid on a beautiful buffet lunch.

65. Lay out – тратить

  • Some people are willing to lay out huge amounts of money for electronic equipment.

66. Let in – впускать внутрь, пропускать

  • These shoes are starting to let water in.

67. Let off – отпустить, оставить без наказания

  • The police let him off with a warning.

68. Link up – соединять, соединяться

  • Just link your phones up over Bluetooth and share the data wirelessly.

69. Live by – жить согласно (на основе принципов)

  • I have always tried to live by my faith

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английские фразовые глаголы

70-71. Log in/on – войти, подключиться к системе

  • Customers are often unable to log in to the system.

72-73. Log off/out – выйти из системы

  • Make sure all users have logged off before shutting the system down.

74. Look up – посмотреть (в справочном издании)

  • Look the word up in your dictionary.

75. Make after – догонять, преследовать

  • I made after the bus, but there was no way I could catch it.

76. Make away with – похитить

  • Sorry, the dog made away with the last burger—snatched it right from the table.

77. Make it – суметь добраться

  • So far, relatively few women have made it to the top in the business world.

78. Make it up to – возместить, компенсировать

  • I know you’re disappointed about missing the movie, but I’ll make it up to you.

79. Make of – понять, составить впечатление

  • I didn’t know what to make of her.

80. Melt down – таять; плавить

  • By the time the ceremony was over, the elaborate ice sculpture had melted down into a large puddle.

81. Mess about – валять дурака

  • He spent the day with friends, just messing about.

82. Mix up – путать

  • I’m sorry I’m late, I must have mixed up the time for our meeting.

83. Move into – въехать

  • Now that the company is hiring a few more people, we decided to move into a bigger office.

84. Move up – подвинуться

  • There’s room for one more if everyone moves up a bit.

85. Opt for – выбрать, предпочесть

  • The kids opted for a trip to Disneyland instead of New York City.

английские фразовые глаголы

86. Pass away – скончаться

  • After she passed away, the doctors wanted to do an autopsy.

87. Pass by – проходить мимо

  • Will you be passing by the supermarket on your way home?

88. Pick at – неохотно есть, ковырять (еду)

  • Charles picked at his food in a bored fashion.

89. Pig out – поглощать

  • I found Sam in front of the TV, pigging out on pizza and fries.

90. Pile up – накапливаться

  • The work was piling up, and I decided I had to go in to the office on the weekend.

91. Pipe down – замолчать

  • Will you please pipe down, you two? I’m trying to read!

92. Pipe up – заговорить

  • In the silence that followed, a lone voice piped up from the back of the room.

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93. Plug in – подключить

  • He plugged in the iron and waited for it to get hot.

94. Point out – указать

  • He was always very keen to point out my mistakes.

95. Polish off – съесть, разделаться с

  • Who polished off the cake?

96. Polish up – улучшить

  • I’ve been polishing my Japanese up before I go to Tokyo next month.

97. Pop in – заскочить

  • Why don’t you pop in and see us this afternoon?

98. Price up – повысить цену

  • I should have bought that laptop when I was first looking—now they’ve priced it up by nearly $200!

99. Pull ahead – опередить

  • I need to follow behind you to know where we’re going, so please don’t pull too far ahead of us in traffic.

100. Pull out – выехать (о транспортном средстве)

  • I knocked over the mailbox when I was pulling out of the drive way.

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