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Даю згоду на обробку моїх персональних даних з метою визначення рівня англійської мови та надання інших освітніх послуг



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⇽ викладачі англійської мови
Альона Тригуб

Альона Тригуб

Teacher: General English, Legal English
Cambridge English: PET, FCE, CAE


  • Національний авіаційний університет (Магістр філології: викладач, перекладач англійської мови)

Сертифікати і нагороди

  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • C1 Advanced (CAE)
  • ILEC (International Legal English Certificate: Advanced, C1)
  • Teaching Grammar (online course at Cambridge English Teacher)
  • Teaching Speaking (online course at Cambridge English Teacher)
  • Grammar for Teachers (online course at Cambridge English Teacher)
  • Teaching Vocabulary and Pronunciation (online course at Cambridge English Teacher)
  • How to teach CAE (workshop by Grade Education Centre)
  • Teaching Adult Learners (online course at open2study)
  • Active participant of webinars by Cambridge English Teacher and Cambridge English
  • Delta (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults, module 1)


  1. Tatiana Shulga says: 30.11.2016

    1. The effectiveness of preparation is excellent. Istarted to use new vocabulary and grammar tips from the first lesson.
    2. The teacher: thankyouAlyona for professional skills and her patience. Alyona helped during the whole course to study English.
    3. My progress: the main thing about it is that I am not afraid to talk to foreigners. Also some grammar problems have been solved. Thanks! 4.OfcourseIwill recommend your school!
    General: Intermediate (B1+)

  2. Суворова Мария says: 30.11.2016

    С помощью этих курсов я значительно улучшил свой уровень английского языка. Преподаватель отлично доносил материал. А также значительно улучшился словарный запас. Сами уроки проходили интересно и в отличной обстановке. В дальнейшем планирую проходить обучение в этой школе.
    General: Intermediate (B1+)

  3. Оксана Филоненко says: 30.11.2016

    Занятия очень понравились. Они проводились очень профессионально. Было предоставлено много дополнительного материала, это очень помогло в учебе.
    General: Intermediate (B1+)

  4. Tatiana Kubanova says: 30.11.2016

    I am satisfied with our course and our teacher. There were manyactivities, interesting tasks and I feel that my English level has improved. I want to continue the course and hope to get Upper-Intermediate level in the future.
    General: Intermediate (B1+)

  5. Ирина Роташнюк says: 30.11.2016

    Данные курсы дали мне многое: я выучила достаточно новых слов, более раскрепощенно начала говорить на английском языке, стала делать меньше ошибок при письме. И все это благодаря нашему преподавателю, она мотивировала нас, давала больше нужной информации, всегда отвечала на вопросы и подсказывала, как лучше изучать определенные темы. Я, конечно, буду советовать вашу школу своим друзьям.
    General: Intermediate (B1+)

  6. Julia Matushko says: 11.01.2017

    It was very attractive, grabbing and breathtaking course. We have studied a lot of helpful and interesting materials. I am totally satisfied. I refreshed my memory (I mean all rules, grammar. ) There is a great amount of advantages and benefits.

  7. Tanya Reva says: 11.01.2017

    Feedback : First of all, I want to underline the high professional level of our lecturer. The course is very useful for our practice. We have improved our skills and enjoyed our lessons very much. In addition, this course gives us an opportunity to enrich our vocabulary. So, join and have a good time.

  8. Iuliia Shapoval says: 11.01.2017

    Feedback: First of all, I am satisfied with the content of the course. The topics of grammar appeared to be helpful. Our lessons were rather intensive and productive. Secondly, the teacheroften sent us additional materials, which were quite useful. Overall, I will recommend your courses to my friends and workmates.

  9. Daryna Borisenko says: 11.01.2017

    Feedback: It was really great experience for me. The teacher is so good at her work. I hope I’ll pass FCE !
    Thank you for new useful information.

  10. Копчинская Ира says: 19.03.2017

    Добрый и хороший преподаватель. Если что-то было непонятно, то всегда может объяснить еще и домашнее задание подобрать отлично. Все было понятно и доступно.

  11. Larisa Dzhuruk says: 19.03.2017

    Курс был хорошо подготовлен и хорошо распланирован по времени. Пройден весь материал учебного пособия. Алена – большой профессионал своего дела. Я выбрала этот курс потому, что преподаватель был Алена и не пожалела. Считаю, что мои знания английского языка значительно улучшились. Спасибо.

  12. Brovka Kateryna says: 19.03.2017

    I can say that Alona is the best teacher. The classes were very interesting and we had a lot of extra practices. I am satisfied with it 

  13. Головань Валентина says: 19.03.2017

    Вже не перший раз займаюся на курсах англійської мови, але в різних освітніх центрах. Після проходження курсу в Кембріджському освітньому центрі з впевненістю можу сказати, що це один з найкращих закладів, де надають якісну освіту. Щиро вдячна нашому викладачу за терпіння і розуміння.

  14. Анонимно says: 19.03.2017

    Олена дуже хороший викладач! Все було на вищому рівні. Також велике дякую за цікаві завдання, різноманітні ігри, що допомагають у вивченні матеріалу. Дуже сподобалось, що були тести на повторення протягом курсу. Все цікаво та зрозуміло було!

  15. sugar says: 25.01.2018

    1. Teacher: I’d like to note the quite high level performance in terms of teaching skills that was being shown by Alona during the course, i.e. professional attitude to matter, effective management of the lessons process. Grateful for your hard work.
    For those, who are thinking about teacher choice, you will not be disappointed, I promiss.

    2. Course: legal english is pretty interesting but difficult sphere of knowledge at the same time. You need to be ready to pay enough attention to your hometasks and make some efforts during the lessons to obtain the pursuing result (as usual probably). The key thing is that you need to realise why exactly do you need this course and where you could use recieved knowledges. The content of course by itself is quite good planified.

    3. People and other stuff: the important role in Cambridge belongs to the students by themselves, it is reasoned by the fact that the atmosphere, mood and temp of progress by 50% (maybe even more) depends on the members of your group. In general people here are enough interesting to talk and cooperate with. In addition you have a possibility to visit different clubs, e.g. the grammar club that is quite effective and amusant to participate in.

  16. Julia says: 19.02.2018

    Alyona is a high qualified professional teacher. I’m very glad that I had opportunity to study at course with her. The course was interesting and helpful.

  17. Iryna says: 19.02.2018

    I am absolutely satisfied with our course(C1:Advanced). I`ve taken advantage of the opportunity to improve my skills and English level. All lessons were really interesting and productive. We had a lot of extra practices, new vocabulary, idioms. Alona was very attentive to everyone and helped during the whole course. So, I`ll recommend your school to my friends and colleagues.

  18. Evgeniya says: 18.08.2018

    I’ve completed C1 course with Alona and I can state it was absolutely worth it! Of course, it wasn’t a piece of cake, but it definitely was captivating and exciting. What impressed me the most is her creativity in teaching, her ability to find more and more unexpected ways to teach the language. Thank you, Alona and good luck! May you have a lot of capable and grateful students!

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