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Оксана Гуляс


Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (Teacher Training College)
Kyiv National Linguistic University (Specialist Degree in English Philology)

Certificates and Awards

CPE (Cambridge English: Proficiency, C2)
International Speaking Examiner
Participant of IATEFL Ukraine Conference
TKT (Teacher Knowledge Test, Young Learners)
BEC Higher (Business English Certificate: Advanced, C1)


  1. Алексеенко Татьяна says:

    Все было супер. Очень хороший преподаватель, все понравилось.
    General: Pre- Intermediate (B1)

  2. Kate says:

    I really enjoyed this course because I had really friendly classmates. Lessons were very full and interesting. I think I will also study next level in this school. I also want to say thanks for Oksana because she made our lessons so nice!

  3. Vasyl Stopchyk says:

    I enjoyed a lot the time I spent here. And I want to say many thanks to my teacher. She was really ambitious to give us new knowledge. All lessons were in friendly atmosphere.

  4. Катя says:

    Благодарна Оксане за интересный подход к занятиям, комплексные знания (грамматика+разговорный), дружественную атмосферу в группе. Это действительно важно.

  5. Konstantyne Alania says:

    I cannot describe Oksana with one or two words ! She’s so amazing! She’s a professional of her job !!! I would gladly go to her class again !

  6. Maria Katsan says:

    I like the way we had our classes here. It was both funny and useful for us. I noticed how my English improved significantly and that’s why I am so grateful. I will recommend my friends to attend it as well. Thank you! Good like!

  7. Гончарук Яна says:

    The lessons were interesting. I am satisfied with an approach of a teacher to students. I improved my level of knowledge.

  8. Ludmyla Semenova says:

    It was an interesting course — lessons were very informative and helpful in brushing my English up. Lots of good tasks and well-organised process of the lesson. To my mind, everyone had such an opportunity to work out all the tasks in the best way.
    Thanks for productive lessons!

  9. Marina Lange says:

    I am totally satisfied with the course and the teacher. Oksana is a very good, attentive person, with a good sense of humour. All the knowledge were given in an appropriate way, structured and in interactive manner. Thank First Cambridge centre for that!

  10. Iuliia Shapoval says:

    I’m satisfied with this course. Even though we haven’t covered all the units from the book, we picked up a lot of new collocations and idioms. I brushed up grammar and broaded my vocabulary to a great extent. Thanks to Oksana, the atmosphere of studying was really warm-hearted. I will recommend this course to all my friends and workmates.

  11. Oleksandra Liliia says:

    I am grateful for the deep knowledge which were given in a very structured, highly organised way. The atmosphere was incredible and thanks to our teacher’s friendlyness, kindness and professionalism now I am more confident.
    Thank you a lot! I had a great time!

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