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Chris Billos


University of New Mexico, USA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Certificates and Awards

CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
Active participant of Cambridge English webinars for teachers


  1. Бакун Анастасия says:

    Honestly, Chris Billos is a very good teacher. Приходя на занятия, я чувствовала себя очень комфортно и непринужденно. Приходить хотелось даже в загруженные дни. Занятия проходили весело и продуктивно, были и игры, и видео, и теория. За счет этого, курс прошел очень быстро и интересно. Курсы обязательно посоветую своим друзьям. Спасибо всем! Собираюсь пойти и на следующий уровень в Grade.
    General: Upper-Intermediate (B2)

  2. Корнева Катерина says:

    I will definitely recommend your school to anyone who asks me where he or she can improve his/her English level. During the course everything was good – nice teacher and great group mates. I enjoyed my time here.
    General: Upper-Intermediate (B2)

  3. Бондаренко Дария says:

    Thank you for an effective course, good and friendly atmosphere, an excellent teacher! I noticed that it is easier for me to communicate with my foreign colleagues. I will recommend your course with pleasure because I know that it will really help.
    General: Upper-Intermediate (B2)

  4. Смоляр Екатерина says:

    Спасибо Grade за эффективно-занимательные 5 месяцев. Очень понравилось, буду продолжать обучение в вашем центре. Прекрасная структура уроков, интересные темы. Впервые изучение грамматики стало интересным, хоть и не легким процессом. Очень понравился преподаватель и та атмосфера, которую Крис с легкостью и профессионализмом создает на уроках.
    General: Upper-Intermediate (B2)

  5. Савкова Диана says:

    Для меня обучение в группе с преподавателем-носителем языка было первым подобным опытом и он оказался очень полезным. Крис очень интересно и живо проводит занятия, использует яркие примеры для лучшего запоминания материала. А для еще лучшего усвоения – повторение пройденного. Сам курс сформирован очень понятно и оптимально с точки зрения нагрузки и времени. Домашнего задания было достаточно. Я рекомендую этот курс и Криса не только тем, кто планирует сдавать FCE, а и всем кто желает развивать всесторонне навыки владения английским языком. Я занимаюсь в группе пн., ср., пт., с 18.30 и считаю данный график самым удобным для тех, кто работает. Спасибо!

  6. Пивненко Артем says:

    I’m totally satisfied with the course – it was brief but at the same time provided effective materials and system of control that really worked. Moreover, I would like to thank our teacher Chris Billos, who created comfortable and gripping atmosphere in class and used a variety of interesting methods (songs, listening, video clips etc.)
    General: B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

  7. Сердюков Александр says:

    I feel more confident now when I speak with my colleagues in the States. They say that my English became more expressive. This is exactly what I expected from the course with Chris. The lessons were conducted in a relaxed manner. We always got answers to any questions. Chris was very dedicated and attentive to our requests. I would recommend Chris and Grade school to anyone who wants to improve English skills and ready to work hard but with no pressure.
    General: B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

  8. Крамаренко Валерия says:

    I am totally satisfied with the course and appreciate my teacher for helping to improve my knowledge and skills. Especially I would like to highlight Chris’s creative way of teaching. I am sure that listening to songs, playing games and doing other tasks made our English classes more interesting. I learned new vocabulary and idioms that are useful for everyday situations and also received a lot of useful information about passing FCE. After doing this course I know my weaknesses and mistakes that are important to take into account before preparing for the exam. I will advise this course to my friends.

  9. Диденко Мария says:

    I am really happy to have taken this course. Firstly, I have met a lot of new people and, what is more, the atmosphere was very joyful – we always had fun at the lessons. At the beginning I felt a bit uncomfortable because all grammar and vocabulary wasn’t very easy to understand. Thank you, Chris, for good explanation of complicated things and good attitude to everyone. I am very grateful because now I feel confident. Wish you good luck. I would certainly recommend this course to everyone.

  10. Запороженко Миша says:

    Very effective preparation. The teacher is great and can easily explain everything to students. Chris is friendly and all our lessons were interesting. We worked hard but had enough time for fun, too. I want to advise your centre to other people.

  11. Кривенко Таня says:

    In Ukraine people think that learning English is boring and hopeless. But, fortunately, such a great company as Grade has appeared and proved that it is very interesting and easy to learn foreign languages. I have been studying here for 2 years and I can’t find any drawbacks in your work at all. This time my teacher was Chris Billos. He’s an amazing person who always supports and respects his students. Thank you for these incredible 7 months.

  12. Степанюк Таня says:

    The most important thing for me was that all our lessons were interesting and conducted in an active form – that’s how I learn better. I think the FCE preparation course was extremely useful. I now know what to expect at the real exam. Chris has helped me to see both my weak and strong sides. Thank you, Grade and Chris.

  13. Пелешенко Анастасия says:

    First of all, I want to say that I am very grateful for what this course has given to me. I feel that I have improved my English, especially vocabulary. Our teacher was just the best. He did his best – he was always friendly, patient and ready to help. We had 108 hours full of laugh, happiness, good time and English. I liked the books. All materials were easy, handy and, for certain, effective. I don’t regret choosing your centre at all. I will miss this course and continue improving my knowledge. You inspired me and made me feel the benefits of knowing English. It’s such a pleasure to have both: awesome memories and the sense of growth of my language level. If anybody asks me about the best English education centre, I will undoubtedly answer: “Grade”.
    General: Upper-Intermediate (B2)

  14. Войтюк Таня says:

    Этот курс очень многое мне дал и значительно улучшил мои навыки английского. Каждый урок был необычным, интересным, веселым и познавательным. Благодаря отличным учителям и их стараниям я многое выучила и поняла, стала лучше разбираться в грамматике, что раньше давалось с трудом. В целом, курс очень сильно понравился, особенно преподаватели, которые его вели.
    General: Advanced (C1)

  15. Телехова Анна says:

    Dear Chris and Natasha, thank you very much for the wonderful atmosphere you created at our lessons. During the course we have learned a lot of different grammar structures that will be really useful for my future CAE exam. Now I have a wide range of vocabulary that will be very helpful during speaking part at CAE. All components of the course were great. We were excited even while working with grammar. I will never forget this wonderful experience. Thank you very much!!! I will advise everyone to attend this course. Wish you all the best!!!
    General: Advanced (C1)

  16. Хитрик Ира says:

    Закінчивши літній інтенсив у Grade Education Centre я точно знаю, чим буду займатися весь наступний рік. На мою думку, це краща школа в Києві і мені пощастило займатись у таких професійних викладачів. Кожне заняття охоплює різні напрямки вивчення мови: reading, speaking, writing, listening. Кріс та Наталя завжди були підготовлені до занять, інформація подавалась зрозумілим та цікавим шляхом. Thank you for inspiration!
    General: Advanced (C1)

  17. Никишина Анастасия says:

    Я давно посещаю курсы в вашем образовательном центре и советую приходить к вам всем своим друзьям, знакомым и просто людям, интересующимся у меня, где лучше изучать английский. Желаю вам поддерживать статус, развиваться и становиться лучше. Я очень благодарна Крису за интересные занятия и чувство юмора! Наталья также безумно сильный преподаватель. Крис и Наталья стали мне очень дороги и мне будет очень не хватать их после полного завершения курсов. Спасибо, спасибо, спасибо! От всего сердца!
    General: Advanced (C1)

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