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Karl Kotanchik


Franklin and Marshall College, USA (BA in American Studies and Teaching)

Certificates and Awards

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)


  1. Kateryna Kaleshchuk says:

    It was a wonderful 4-months course which gave me a lot of knowledge. The lessons with Karl Kotanchik were always full of useful things. Exactly these lessons helped us to make our English skills higher. I am thankful to my teacher in Grade, because he helped me to make everything clear. I really recommend everybody to attend a course in this education center. Wish all the best!

  2. Vladislav Zakogne says:

    I’ve spent amazing 4 months with Mr. Kotanchik. Probably he is the best English teacher I’ve ever seen. Now I feel that I acquired the knowledge, learnt a lot of grammar, lexical material and useful skills. I will certainly continue my study at First Cambridge Education Center to make my English better and more fluent.

  3. Slava Fedotov says:

    This course was really exciting and interesting. I proud that I was in Karl’s group and I really enjoyed this class!

  4. Katia Shevchuk says:

    It was a really good time and classes were interesting to visit. It can be supposed that it was very hard to visit courses 3 times a week, but the one thing that I must notice that we were coming there with a great pleasure every time, because I can’t remember a lesson that was not interesting or which we spent without smiles on our faces. I will recommend this school to my friends anyway, I’m sure. Thank you!
    P.S. I was told that this English school is the best in Kiev. I agree, I totally agree with this statement.

  5. Andrii Melnyk says:

    As for me, all is good. The teacher is really perfect. All lessons were interesting and funny.

  6. Vitalina says:

    I’d like to thank our teacher, Karl, for his great talent of teaching. I’ve got a lot of pleasure during each of the lessons. As a result of the course now I feel fluency in communication with English-speaking partners at my job. Also it is now easier to watch and understand films and songs in English
    I will definitely recommend First Cambridge Education Center to my friends because of the interesting books, interesting time and Karl’s teaching.

  7. Кожевникова Юлия says:

    Нашим преподавателем был Карл и я могу с уверенностью сказать, что это один из лучших преподавателей, у которых мне довелось заниматься. Занятия всегда были не только информативными, но и очень интересными. Очень понравилось, что занятия проходили не только по учебнику, но еще преподаватель рассказывал нам о тонкостях, особенностях языка, а также отличиях в американском и британском языках.

  8. Denysova Svetlana says:

    Занятия произвели очень положительные впечатления. Я значительно подтянула свой уровень английского языка. Все занятия проходили в легкой и увлекательной форме. Все темы были тщательно объяснены и пройдены. Очень позитивным моментов считаю то, что развивались все навыки: чтение, слушание, говорение и письмо. Также обращалось внимание на произношение. Главное, что многие грамматические темы получили нестандартное, но очень четкое объяснение.

  9. Anna Sirenko says:

    I like everything that we did during these 4 months. With the help of these courses I was able to improve my language skills. I think I will definitely recommend your courses to my friends and colleagues.

  10. Надія Суха says:

    Я задоволена пройденим курсом. Викладач – Карл – носій мови, завжди доступно пояснює незрозумілі речі. Окрім стандартної програми, ми отримали додаткові лексичні та граматичні знання. І, головне, невимушена та весела атмосфера в поєднанні з цікавими заняттями.

  11. Nick Soroka says:

    It was great. It was good that we had tests after each term. Topics in the book were interesting. I find the lessons useful and feel my English has improved. I’m grateful to Karl as a teacher.

  12. Anastasiia Khomiak says:

    Our lessons were interesting and useful. Everything was great. I am absolutely sure that I’ve got necessary knowledge of English for my life.

  13. Tetyana Belyayeva says:

    Програма курсу була досить насиченою, дуже багато нових та актуальних тем, оновлена мова, сучасні вирази та конструкції. Дуже корисно було отримувати пояснення від викладача, як часто є у якому контексті фрази з підручника вживаються у житті. Також ми отримували корисні пояснення щодо вживання і розуміння часових форм дієслів, нюансів British та American English. Thank you very much!

  14. Viktoria says:

    I like the program and the teacher I had. Everything was explained very well. Even though the teacher doesn’t speak Ukrainian he explained all unknown words very understandable. The texts and tasks in the book were fascinating; I was never bored during the lessons. I would recommend this school to my friends.

  15. Мария Хмель says:

    I\’ve completed a general Upper-Intermediate course. My teacher was Karl Kotanchik. I really liked this course and Karl\’s methods of teaching were so good. He was one of the best teachers I\’ve ever had. We were talking about diffrent topics and just enjoing ourselves. Не didn\’t follow distinctly by the book and I am really pleased with this. I will recommend your сourses to my friends. Now I am preparing for my IELTS EXAM here and I hope I will get a high mark.

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